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What are terpenes in cannabis? Get clued in

The latest info on medical marijuana has the whole internet buzzing about a new topic: What are terpenes?   The word “terpene” refers to a set of chemicals that are naturally occurring in cannabis and other plants.  Terpenes, or terpenoids, are chemicals that...

What to do if you’re having an Anxiety Attack

Ricks Warren, a clinical associate professor at the University of Michigan, defines anxiety as a condition where a person is excessive or persisting worry an imminent event. The events can be as life-changing as a death or illness or daily activities as going into an...

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Woman Claims Marijuana Helps Her Anxiety

 By: The Dr. Phil Show In this Dr. Phil video, Danielle talks about her experience with marijuana and how it helps her anxiety. Danielle first started smoking when she graduated high school, and now she does it regularly. Danielle claims to have anxiety and asthma...

Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) for Anxiety

 By: The Medical Marijuana Expert: Dr. Rachna Patel In this video from Dr. Rachna Patel, she reads a question from Joe of Danville, California about medical cannabis and anxiety. Joe suffers from severe anxiety, and complains that it’s gotten so bad that he must...